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Laboratoire PYC has designed isotonic drinks that optimise body rehydration, thereby improving the elimination of acid and nitrogen wastes.

The isotonic drink has an osmolarity close to that of blood plasma. This permits optimum rehydration while maintaining the blood sugar level and mineral balance.

This balance of solution concentration (essentially sodium, potassium and simple sugars) between the drink and plasma promotes the flow of liquid to the body. It helps to preventgastric overload, a frequent occurrence when pure water is consumed.

In addition, these new drinks have a neutral pH.

For enhanced convenience, Laboratoire PYC can package these formulas into single-dose stick pouches for instant rehydration in 500 ml of water.

Several flavours to discover: strawberry, mint, lemon...

> Contact us if you would like us to develop and produce your sport drink offering, with custom-designed formulas, flavours and packaging.