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Chocolate low sugar products

Managing your weight can be delightful. Ask an experienced supplier. Chocolate for an effective diet Loss of motivation is people’s main problem when it comes to dieting and few usually keep their resolutions after a few weeks, if not a few days. Therefore, providing them with meal replacements for weight control or reduced in calorie…

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Developing a food supplement range

Food supplements: a booming market. The actual expansion of the food supplement market offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on a robust growth sector. Healthy living and the various products associated with it has indeed surged throughout the last decade.  It is spurred by both aging populations and increased consumer awareness for preventative healthcare. Today,…

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Developing its range of superfoods

Superfoods : what are they ? Answer from a supplier. Superfoods are nutritionally dense natural food, thus good for one’s health. They contain a large percentage of either vitamins or minerals or enzymes or amino acids or antioxidants. They don’t have their own food group: they include mostly plant-based food such as berries, seeds, grains,…

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