Our meal substitutes are intended to replace one or more meals in the day, as part of a low-calory diet.

Their micro- and macro-nutrient content is carefully adjusted in order to prevent any risk of deficiency/shortfall (Directive 96/8/EC).

These products have received the approval of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for their role in weight reduction and in post-diet weight maintenance.

A meal substitute provides :

  • between 200 and 400 kcal per meal.
  • between 25% and 50% of calory intake in the form of proteins
  • under 30% of calory intake in the form of fats
  • at least 1 g of linoleic acid
  • at least 30% of recommended intake of vitamins and minerals
  • at least 500 g of potassium

Laboratoire PYC develops meal substitutes in a variety of forms and flavours (milk shakes, soups, omelettes, desserts etc.).