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Chocolate low sugar products

Managing your weight can be delightful. Ask an experienced supplier.

Chocolate for an effective diet

Loss of motivation is people’s main problem when it comes to dieting and few usually keep their resolutions after a few weeks, if not a few days. Therefore, providing them with meal replacements for weight control or reduced in calorie and low sugar products they will love is key.  They will net get bored of them! Chocolate products just seem like the ideal candidates!

Indeed, if we all know that dieting often comes across as stressful, chocolate on the other side makes us feel better for several scientific reasons. Among those, the endorphins that our brain release when we eat chocolate. These give us an incredible sense of wellbeing, a sense rarely associated with ordinary dietary products. Researchers have been able to show a clear mood improvement in research studies wherein participants consumed a chocolate product.

Health beneficial cocoa selection

We firmly believe chocolate and weight-management can coexist for a simple reason:  The health benefits from chocolate come from the cacao part and not from the additives used to make it sweeter and creamier.

The cacao Laboratoire PYC uses is particularly high in minerals (potassium, magnesium). These are of primary importance.

Potassium is generally regarded as beneficial for humans. It fulfills a role in the synthesis of proteins and the formation of glycogen in the human body.

Laboratoire PYC also develops products made of defatted cocoa powder, that is to say a
cocoa powder in which the cocoa butter content, calculated on the basis of the dry matter weight, is less than 20%. In low calorie diets formulas, it is indeed of a prime importance to keep the fat content as low as possible.




High fat (22-23%) Low fat (10-12%)
Cocoa butter 23% 11%
Fat-free dry cocoa 72% 84%
Moisture 5% 5%

* Dezaan Cocoa Manuel (2017 Edition)

Exchanging low-fat and high-fat powders in a formula makes a difference in fat-free dry cocoa matter between the two but, based on our experts, the color and flavor intensity of the end-product remains the same.

Supplying a variety of diet chocolate products

The cacao beans, when removed, can be ground into cocoa paste. It becomes cocoa powder once varying levels of the fatty cocoa butter are removed.

Laboratoire PYC has made a point of developing a wide range of chocolate dietary products that includes defatted cocoa powder. These are especially developed to accompany consumers both through their day and through their diet’s different stages. Cocoa-delight dessert and chocolate flavored instant cake and intense hot chocolate are only some of our chocolate products to rehydrate.

We also propose a wide range of chocolate ready-made products, among which delightful crunchy bars, traditional biscuits, puddings, wafers and much more !

We even propose real high protein chocolate including stevia.

Please contact us for more information on our chocolate diet products.

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