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A new high protein smoothie range developed by Laboratoire PYC

Proti’smooth® – development of new health drinks

Proti’Smooth® are high protein drinks with a smoothie texture, fruity notes and enriched with active ingredients.

New tastes are to be discovered this year: apple-lemon, peach-citrus, in addition to red fruit and strawberry-banana.

Proti’Smooth® mixes taste and freshness in a smooth textured drink. A selection of vitamins, minerals and plants are added to meet specific health benefits.

PROTI’SMOOTH® IMMUNITY: this drink combines the traditional virtues of ginger and vitamin D to help reinforcing immunity*.

PROTI’SMOOTH® SLIM TONIC: a slimming boost. Laboratoire PYC has selected a guarana extract to address this objective*.

PROTI’SMOOTH® ANTIOXIDANT: this is the classic smoothie, made from red berries and enriched with vitamin C, known for its antioxidant action on the body *.

PROTI’SMOOTH® RELAX: a soft-textured drink that contributes to the well-being of body and mind. It is enriched with magnesium and vitamin B6 *.

Proti’smooth® – culture of well-being

As interest in protein products continues to grow, fortified drinks and snacks have become increasingly popular. These products are suitable for sportsmen and women as well as for people on a low-calorie diet.

At the same time, the world of nutraceuticals is becoming increasingly popular. The desire to take care of oneself and one’s health, both preventively and on an individual basis, has led consumers to turn to natural health products. Italians are the biggest consumers in Europe: 82% say they have used food supplements in the last 12 months. They are followed by the Germans (70%) and the Spanish (65%) [1].

In France and worldwide, it has been observed that the health crisis of 2020 has emphasised the previous years’ trends: people are more involved in preventive health care and in a healthy lifestyle to stay in shape. The use of natural health solutions to promote immunity, sleep and combat stress was the highlight of the year.

Proti’Smooth® combines these key trends in a pleasant drink. This was the focus of Laboratoire PYC, combining its know-how in the formulation of protein products and the use of specifically sourced active ingredients.

Proti’smooth® – increase performance and revitalize

Proti’Smooth® products provide 17g of high biological value protein per drink. The laboratory’s specialist protein team has selected a whey isolate. This provides a high level of protein but also guarantees a good supply of branched-chain amino acids and rapid assimilation.

During low-calorie diets, insufficient quantities of protein can lead to excessive loss of lean tissue, generally muscle. Taking protein helps to prevent this.

These performances are also required for sportsmen and women. In sports nutrition, the recovery phase requires an optimal protein intake to promote the reconstruction of muscle tissue.

During this period, we should also highlight the vitamin C content of PROTI’SMOOTH® ANTIOXIDANT and the vitamin D content of PROTI’SMOOTH® IMMUNITY. Vitamin D is involved in the muscular, skeletal and immune functions of the body. In 2019, more than 70% of French adults still had a vitamin D insufficiency or even a deficiency in 6.5% of cases [2].

Proti’smooth® – mix of territories

Smoothies have won the hearts of consumers over the past 15 years. They can be found in a smoothie bar in Canada, in a Japanese supermarket and at home in England. They are the ultimate wellness beverages: rich in vitamins and minerals and full of taste!

These drinks are also an opportunity to bring together different flavour territories with fruits of various origins. To stay in tune with this, the R&D department has selected different fruit powders: apple, cranberry, lemon, peach, banana… The PYC team has run aromatic tests (natural flavours) and collected opinions with this objective in mind: being rich in taste and generous in protein.

For some products, it also made sense to choose a plant or fruit extract from a specific region, such as guarana from South America. In Brazil, it is common to include it in everyday drinks. Elsewhere, it is often found in energy and sports drinks [3].

We hope every consumer will find a PROTI’SMOOTH® matching their taste and needs. Any combination is possible, as our expertise is to create tailor-made products for your brand!

*European claims:
– Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
– Ginger (pending claim): « Ginger helps maintain immunity ».
– Guarana (pending claim): « Guarana is traditionally used to help in weightcontrol and usually known for its contribution to fat metabolism », “Guarana helps to sustain physical and mental vitality”
– Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
– Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
– Vitamin B6 contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system.

[1] Harris Interactive – Pan-European survey, 2020

[2]Anses – publication of new vitamin and mineral references for the French population

[3] Source: Mintel, GNPD

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