Clean label

When the Clean Label trend becomes an innovation focus for your products

Behind the demand for “naturalness”, consumers often expect less-processed products. They want ingredients lists that are short, clear, and easy to understand, more authentic compositions, and product formulations free from :

  • Free from additives or artificial or synthetic substances
  • Free from GMO
  • Free from palm oil
  • Free from soy
  • Free from nano-ingredients
  • Free from sweeteners
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from sugar
  • Gluten free…

Laboratoire PYC has several solutions for meeting these expectations. Food supplements and nutritional products can be developed in respect of this Clean Label commitment.

Our team gives you all the information you need to clearly label your products.
In addition, our membership of the SOLINA group gives you access to a large selection of natural colours and flavours.


Superfoods and superfruits produced under your brand name

At present, there are no regulations defining the terms “superfoods” or “superfruits” in Europe. To guarantee optimal efficacy and safety, Laboratoire PYC has prepared a selection for you, based on health-related claims studied in Europe. You are guaranteed to get authentic products with proven health benefits.

With a single pure ingredient or a combination, these products can be packaged in private label form. You choose the ingredients, packaging, and sizes by weight. Our team gives you the labelling information you need.

You can choose your superfood based on its health benefit: detox, antioxidant, digestion, immunity, weight loss, etc.
You can choose from a variety of origins: French or European ingredients or exotic health ingredients (Matcha tea, acai, etc.).

So now it’s easy to create your line of superfoods.

Powdered acai berry extract comes from berries grown in South America. Acai berries are high in antioxidants.

Laboratoire PYC offers Clean Label instant powder protein smoothies and milkshakes.
The use of native proteins (non-denaturing process) preserves the original quality and maintains a higher nutritional value. These formulations contain no artificial sweeteners.

Vegetable protein, maca, algae extract, and more – all of these powdered ingredients can be packaged for you, in France, in our plant.

You can choose from our selection of superfoods and superfruits.


Let us process your organic and gluten-free nutrition products

Laboratoire PYC provides custom development, manufacturing, and packaging to your specifications. Our guarantees are listed below :

The Manziat site (France) is Ecocert-certified for custom-packaging of organic ingredients.

With Laboratoire PYC, you are guaranteed to receive a “gluten-free” product in compliance with European regulations covering raw materials, processing, and quality-control of the finished products. Laboratoire PYC takes care of everything.

Laboratoire PYC – French supplier of quality products

Choosing a French laboratory guarantees Premium products. Transparency, safety, and traceability are at the core of our quality process.

Laboratoire PYC is ISO 22000 certified. This certification covers all steps of the process of manufacturing your products.

In the SOLINA group, teams are working continuously to reduce allergens at the various production sites. Tell our quality team what you need.

Do you have a brand name and want a way to offer Clean Label guarantees? Send us your development request.