Gluten Free

High protein gluten free snacks and powder preparations, under your brand name

All gluten free products made by our teams are suitable to meet the needs of people with gluten intolerance or allergies. Laboratoire PYC specialises in high protein and low sugars food supplements and products.

The R&D and regulatory teams at the Aix-en-Provence (France) site will adhere to your specifications in selecting raw materials. All the criteria in your request will be applied in all production stages.

Each ingredient is selected in compliance with European regulatory thresholds and to guarantee an exemplary gluten free finished product (< 20 ppm). Your products are labelled gluten free.


Gluten free, more than just a trend

Gluten is found in many grains (wheat, rye, barley, and others). Pasta and bread are examples of foods that contain gluten. It is one of the most consumed proteins.

Following a gluten free diet has become very popular in recent years. However, eating gluten free products should be in response to a real need.

People with gluten allergies or intolerance meet this criterion. In addition, coeliac disease is a digestive disorder whose symptoms affect the lives of its sufferers. They are diagnosed by doctors who recognise their needs and prescribe a special gluten free diet.

Consumers should not follow a gluten free diet unless it is 100% necessary for their health and wellbeing.

Laboratoire PYC is an industrial partner of brands distributed in the consultant market. Physicians advise patients for whom a gluten-free diet is recommended.

This should not be confused with a weight-loss diet.
Gluten-free products alone are not diet or weight-loss solutions.

Only products labelled for weight loss according to European regulations, such as meal replacements, are effective.
To meet the needs of consumers desiring both weight loss and a gluten-free diet, Laboratoire PYC offers products combining both components.


Our gluten-free manufacturing guarantees

Laboratoire PYC is fully compliant with European regulations. All products leaving our Manziat (France) site are guaranteed to be gluten-free.

Laboratoire PYC requires its raw material suppliers to guarantee that their raw materials are gluten-free (content below the 20 ppm threshold required by the regulation). This applies to 100% of the raw materials used in our finished gluten-free products.

Ingredient suppliers also guarantee the absence of any cross-contamination with raw materials such as oats.

For each step in the process (mixing, production, packaging), Laboratoire PYC ensures cleanliness and the absence of cross-contamination.

Ingredients are stored separately. The weighing rooms are clean; they are washed down before any gluten-free production, as are the production and packaging lines. All areas at risk are tested with a gluten allergy test to be sure that they are clean enough before production begins.

Quality-control analyses of the finished product allow guaranteed gluten-free labelling.

Laboratoire PYC is always below the regulatory detection threshold for gluten. The claim “gluten-free” can therefore be placed near the product name on your packaging.

Gluten-free, a variety of custom products.

At its snack manufacturing plant in Manziat (France), Laboratoire PYC makes gluten-free snacks for your brand name. They can be high-protein, low sugars, according to your specifications.

Laboratoire PYC offers high-protein gluten-free products: sausages, meal replacement bars, powders, and meal replacements.