Meal replacement

Your weight-loss meal replacements made by a French laboratory

Laboratoire PYC has been an expert in weight-loss products for over 30 years and supports many French and international brands.

Do you want to develop your meal replacement brand?
You can rely on our experts in France to help you design your products.
Powdered or ready-to-use, every meal replacement is an effective weight-loss solution. Choose our team to help you develop your meal replacement products.

You can benefit from our support to create a starter pack with a weight-loss menu customisable with your brand name and recommended by a French nutritionist.


Meal replacement – manufacture of effective diet products

These weight-loss products replace a meal and allow weight control or weight loss as part of an energy-restricted diet.

Meal replacements are safe, proven products approved under European regulations:

Substituting two of the main daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss.

Substituting one of the main daily meals of an energy restricted diet with a meal replacement contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss

The calorie content of meal replacements is controlled (200–250 calories), and their nutritional composition is specified, making them reliable products recommended for any weight-loss programme. To alleviate any risk of deficiency, the protein, vitamin, mineral, and trace element content is guaranteed. Meal replacements are a balanced replacement for a meal.

Laboratoire PYC develops, produces and packages products under your name in compliance with ISO 22000 certification quality criteria.


Meal replacements: private label powders and bars

It’s easier to lose weight when the products are flavourful, effective, varied, and easy to prepare.

You can take advantage of turn-key formulas. Choose from amongst our rehydratable powder meal replacement preparations such as milkshakes, soups, omelettes, and more.

The excellence of Laboratoire PYC and the SOLINA group lies in flavour know-how.
You can therefore choose high-quality customised meal replacements with the flavours of your choice and in line with the expectations of your market. Ask us to develop your private-label weight-loss product !

You can also select the meal bar of your preference, as a peanut-chocolate meal replacement bar or a gluten-free grain and nut meal replacement bar.
Complete your line with our other high-protein snacks.

Another idea: create your own weight-loss pack using our services.

For a gluten-free weight-loss diet

Laboratoire PYC is an industrial partner with gluten-free diet protein product brands.
You can have us produce gluten-free meal replacement products for your brand.

At the Laboratoire PYC factory, for gluten-free recipes, our experts select each ingredient following strict controls before any formulation begins (< 20 ppm).
Gluten-free meal replacements are made after special preparation, on clean lines that are tested to confirm their compliance before production begins.
During gluten-free production runs, lines are dedicated to that production and are closed to prevent cross-contamination. Finally, the finished gluten-free products are analysed.

Ask Laboratoire PYC about its brand-name gluten-free meal replacement product.