Protein snacks

Call on a French laboratory and supplier specialising in protein snacks

Looking for high protein ready-to-use products for your line ?
Do you want bars, smoothies, biscuits, etc., packaged in bulk, to sell under your brand name ?

Do you want to create cases and displays of innovative protein snacks for your sales network ?

Laboratoire PYC offers known protein snacks on the adult dietetic market.
Our teams can develop custom-designed, ready-to-eat products.
For example, choose our low-carbohydrate cakes, made in our plant in France.

Savoury protein-rich snack products, innovative and varied

In the context of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, high protein snacks let you satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty.
Laboratoire PYC supplies savoury, sweet, and salty snack products, sold under a private label. They offer the advantage of being ready to use and take anywhere.

Choose sweet or salty: smoothies, bar, crisps, etc.

Every year, Laboratoire PYC develops innovations and creates new snack flavours to refresh your line.

All of these products meet the demand for more functional foods.
Calorie contents are controlled:
– High protein
– Reduced in carbohydrates
– Low fat
– Low sugars
– High fibre
– …

If you want to incorporate our products quickly into your shop, online, or into your network:
– Laboratoire PYC gives you everything you need for legally compliant labelling
– Laboratoire PYC supports you in finding packaging solutions adapted to your needs, under your brand name

You can also choose some products in powder form to guarantee an effective programme. More than 200 references (powder and snacks) have already been developed.

For example, choose a meal replacement bar with grains and nuts, gluten-free.
These products are known for their effectiveness in weight-control and provide the required content for labelling:
Substituting two of the main daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss

This type of diet snack is known and approved in Europe for weight control and weight loss.
With meal replacement bars, efficacy and convenience are available to the dieter.
It is also known that combining dieting with pleasure yields better results.
Weight-control innovation is available at Laboratoire PYC.

Manufacturing gluten-free snacks in France

At our plant in Manziat, France, Laboratoire PYC produces high protein gluten free snacks reduced in carbohydrate.
Standard and custom formulas are sub-contracted for you, to order.
Each product can be customised with respect to its nutritional content, flavour, and package design.
Cakes are made without gluten, using a certified and strictly controlled process.

Your gluten-free protein cakes manufactured in France.