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NUTRICOSMETICS: how to use them?

Laboratoire PYC celebrated its 10th anniversary in nutricosmetic formulation. For the occasion, a new video retraces the laboratory’s formulation process in Aix-en-Provence.
Innovation in nutricosmetics remains a priority for the PYC team. The R&D department closely monitors advances in this field to propose increasingly targeted and effective formulas.

10 years have passed since the first formula.

The opportunity to recall below the interest of these beauty food supplements and how to use them.

In prevention: nutricosmetics help to limit skin aging

Aging of the skin and hair is a natural process. However, some factors can accelerate it, such as sun exposure, poor hydration, unbalanced diet or pollution.

The ageing of the skin results in a looser skin, the creation of deep wrinkles, the formation of brown spots, etc… While some of these phenomena are inevitable, their appearance can be slowed down.

Oxidative stress and aging

One of the first actions to prevent ageing is hydration, water being the major constituent element of the skin. In addition, protection against UV rays remains a central element in preserving the youthfulness of the skin and also the eyes.

Consumers are now well informed about the formation of free radicals and their chain reaction in our cells. In small doses, these free radicals are not harmful; some even participate in immune defences. It is the excess of free radicals and imbalance (called oxidative stress) that must be monitored; it is a question of reducing the sources of free radicals in the first place (UV, for example) and supplementing the body’s supply of antioxidant substances. Food (e.g. fruits and vegetables) is part of this. Occasional supplementation with food supplements can help.

Vitamin C or zinc, for example, contained in PYC beauty food supplements, help to protect cells against oxidative stress.

Lutein (ANTI-AGING supplement) has also shown convincing results through several studies on photoprotection, lipid protection and skin elasticity.

Nutricosmetics are therefore used in addition to food to prevent skin ageing phenomena.

Limiting the formation of wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin are all components of the skin’s “mattress” (dermis). Over time, collagen production decreases. Several studies have shown that taking collagen peptides helps to reduce this phenomenon. On the one hand, these peptides are bioavailable and therefore transported to the dermis, and on the other hand, in vitro studies have shown that they help to stimulate endogenous collagen production via fibroblasts (connective tissue support cells).

This mechanism results in measurable effects on the skin’s elasticity and firmness; in addition, the forming micro-wrinkles are significantly smoothed.

10 years ago, Laboratoire PYC was one of the first manufacturers to formulate collagen food supplements in the form of sticks.

Since then, the use of oral collagen has increased. COLLAGEN BEAUTY BOOSTER® food supplement from Laboratoire PYC remains the most popular product on the Asian markets to which the laboratory team is addressing.

It is easy to use with 1 to 2 sticks per day in the form of a drink to rehydrate.

In addition to cosmetics: nutricosmetics act deeply

The skin protects us from external aggressions and we return it well by regularly applying appropriate creams.

While serums and other cosmetics nourish the upper layers of the skin (epidermis), what we ingest (water, nutrients) has an impact on the dermis.

This is why, for targeted problems,

we recommend combining the action of cosmetics and nutricosmetics.

Hair reinforcement

The quality of the hair fibre is subject to variations (seasonal change, stress, hormones).

To act in depth and at the source, the KERATIN formula from Laboratoire PYC supplements amino acid intake. The bioavailability of the active ingredient has been studied and it results in a better composition of amino acids in the hair (after analysis): serine, glutamic acid, cystine and methionine, after 3 months of treatment. Similarly, better hair resistance and shine can be observed. The structure of the hair fibre is reinforced, and hair loss is reduced.

Combining hair care and food supplements can be a winning solution.

Skin imperfections

On specific skin imperfection issues such as brown spots or excess sebum and acne, the cosmetic/nutricosmetic combination is often the key. It is about inhibiting the problem at its source while applying care that enhances the skin’s appearance and evens out its appearance.

Two nutricosmetic solutions have been meeting these needs for several years: PEARL MY SKIN® (unification and clarity of the complexion) and SKIN’PURE® (imperfections, spots).

As a cure for 1 to 3 months: food supplements provide a targeted response

The skin renewal cycle takes several weeks;

the effects of nutricosmetics are therefore most often optimal between 2 and 3 months.

For example, Laboratoire PYC recommends taking the CELLULESS® supplement over 3 months for better results.

Cellulite: reduce the “dimpled” effect”

CELLULESS® targets the unsightly appearance of orange peel skin. The product is based on an innovative and clinically proven ingredient (in vitro and in vivo studies) combined with plant extracts and minerals traditionally used for their protective role against oxidation. The main active ingredient of CELLULESS® acts against orange peel skin. It is effective on particularly unsightly and hard to touch cellulite stages. Orange peel reduction was noted in 71% of women who received supplements. The first results are noticeable from the 1st month and are reinforced from the 2nd month.

For any information on nutricosmetics, contact us.

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