Custom formulation and production of your sports nutrition products

Do you want custom products under your name?
Do you want to develop formulas with a specific ingredient composition?
Are you looking for a full-service supplier?

Laboratoire PYC supports sports nutrition companies every day as they develop their product lines. Our dedicated factory manufactures your product under your brand name.
We offer proteins, innovative ingredients, and natural flavours. Laboratoire PYC formulates food supplements for sports and also offers high-protein drinks, bars, and other snacks.

You choose your packaging: pot, stick, doypack stand-up pouch, tub, sachet, and label it with your brand name.


Natural sports nutrition – Superfoods and Clean Label formulas

Laboratoire PYC works every day to enrich its selection of plant-based ingredients for food supplements, so athletes can draw on all the benefits of nature.

Our team recently enhanced its selection of superfoods and superfruits to create the product (stand-up pouch) of your choice.
Laboratoire PYC defines the concept of superfoods: an ingredient or combination of ingredients having one or more health claims. This guarantees that products have a proven health benefit.
Acai, maca, and vegetable protein are some of the superfoods available to you.

And because it is natural and responds to consumer expectations, Laboratoire PYC decided to create a Clean Label nutrition line. You can be inspired by these clean, high-quality nutritional products and rely on the development of your own custom sports nutrition line. Every product can be labelled with your brand name, made to order.

All nutritional mixes can be flavoured with natural flavours. All Clean Label formulas can be customised.


Before, during, and after exercise

For every type of exercise, your specific nutritional formula:
– Energising/toning
– Isotonic
– BCAA-based
– High-protein
– Carnitine-based
– Whey-based
– and more

The laboratory provides sports nutrition products adapted for endurance, brief intense exercise, or recovery or muscle building.

Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise.

Protein contributes to a growth and to the maintenance of muscle mass.

Instant sport drinks or practical snacks

Specific food supplements or drinks for sports (isotonic, preparation, recovery, etc.) are made every day in our factory.

High-protein smoothies, energy bars, and snacks are available upon request.

Packaging for every sport

Laboratoire PYC is ISO 22000-certified and guarantees the absence of any doping substance. You choose your packaging: pot, stick, doypack stand-up pouch, tub, or sachet and customise it with your brand name. All packaging can be personalised to order. All packaging is adapted to be practical for sports use.

For private-label services, send your request to Laboratoire PYC.