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3 reasons to develop your own meal replacement range

A study has been carried out by the French union for specialized nutrition.


Results were revealed in January 2018.

The study involved 112 volunteers in order to:

– Test meal replacement products efficiency in terms of weight loss and thinning.

– Observe eventual changes in eating habits alongside meal replacements consumption.

– Analyze participants satisfaction and the influence of meal replacements consumption on their quality of life and their mood.

REASON #1. Meal replacements are efficient on weight-loss

The French union for specialized nutrition observes a significant decrease for each anthropometric measurement performed, after 30 days:

– After 1 month, the average BMI of subjects decreased 2.5% (0.8pt)

– Weight- loss : 2.1 kg
– Waist: 3cm loss
– Hip circumference: loss of 1.9 cm
– Thigh circumference: 1.4cm loss

This decrease is repeated during the first phase of testing (10 days) but also during the second (20 following days).

REASON #2. Meal replacements: consumers are satisfied

After 30 days of testing meal replacements for weight-control, the French union for specialized nutrition observes a great satisfaction of the consumers with a rating average of 6.7 out of 9.

Meal replacement: weight-loss satisfaction

The following comments could explain this satisfaction:

– 76% have stabilized their weight

– 63% have noted a thinning of their silhouette

– 74% feel better in their bodies

Meal replacement: satiety and convenience

Consumers are also satisfied with the followed program:

– 71% felt sufficient satiety

– 86% noted a positive impact on their alimentary habits

– 90 % considered substitutes were easy to take

REASON #3. Meal replacements are regulated products

Meal replacements are proven and regulated by European regulations.

Laboratoire PYC has been expert in weight management products for more than 20 years.

As a contract-manufacturer, we guarantee our meal replacements are quality and safe diet products.  Laboratoire PYC is particularly attached to develop weight-loss products that are both effective and convenient. With this objective in mind, we conceived this new range of meal replacements products. These are totally adapted to replace a meal as they provide all the minerals and vitamins needed.  Sweet and savoury ranges can be developed.

Meal replacement impact on consumers diet

The comparison of the two alimentary surveys shows the impact of meal replacements on the consumers diet. There are several significant changes in the proportion of nutrients:

– The proportion of proteins increases at the expense of carbohydrates and fat.

– The contribution of certain micronutrients also significantly evolves: : calcium (+72mg), iron (+3.3mg).

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