5-day starter pack, taste pleasure for slimming efficiency. 1024 512 admin-pyc

5-day starter pack, taste pleasure for slimming efficiency.

27 people (20 women and 7 men) tested the starter pack over 12 days of program.
This test allowed us to obtain very encouraging results:

– 88% of the testers found the menus clear and well explained.
– 81% of participants feel better in their bodies and were able to observe significant results on their silhouette at the end of the test phase.
– 62% of the participants were able to maintain their physical activity during the test phase.

– 81% of participants successfully achieved their weight loss goal.

What is the starter pack?

The pack consists of two phases:

– 1 attack phase (5 days): this phase ensures weight loss from the first few days. The caloric intake is greatly reduced (about 800 kcal) and includes the intake of 2 meal replacements per day accompanied by a drainer.

– 1 stabilization phase (7 days): This phase follows the attack phase and stabilizes the lost weight. With one meal replacement per day and one drainer taken during this period, the objective is to gradually return to a balanced diet.

Laboratoire PYC offers a choice of 10 references for this pack: 4 salted references and 6 sweet references.

Each customer can compose it at his own convenience. This freedom in the choice of references has been designed to allow customers to adapt the pack to the country of distribution.

A slimming menu composed by a French nutritionist

A 12-day menu was developed by Béatrice de Reynal, a French nutritionist.
This menu has been calculated to provide the necessary intakes for the good running of the diet.

Key dietary tips are included with the menu:
– Foods to avoid / Authorized foods
– The best products to eat next to meal replacements
– Les Jokers: some tips to compensate for caloric differences (invitations, restaurant meal, etc.).
– The golden rules for an effective weight loss.

Laboratoire PYC supports you with a turnkey slimming solution

Laboratoire PYC has been working with international brands in the slimming sector for 30 years and offers, with this starter pack, a “turnkey” solution.

Each customer can customize its packaging design.

The menu, nutritional advice and intakes as well as the results of the study are included in the pack

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