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Stand-up pouch : 5 reasons to use it for your brand packaging

Laboratoire PYC has chosen to diversify its packaging methods by opting for a new packaging format: the doypack (stand-up pouch).

This container that can stand up gives many advantages

Indeed, the constant search for improvement has led manufacturers to find new packaging methods that are less expensive and less degrading for the environment. Thus, today it is estimated that 25 billion doypacks have been sold since their creation.

#1 Stand-up pouch : an ecological advantage

By reducing the weight of packaging at the source,

the ecological footprint for the same weight is 80% lower when transporting doypack packaged goods.

The space used with doypack is significantly lower compared to the one with conventional packaging.

In addition, once used or consumed the doypack takes up very little space in our waste.

These elements make packaging in doypack format more than a legitimate argument in a CSR (Company Social Responsability) approach for the companies.

Laboratoire PYC nutritional subsidiary of SOLINA group wishes to be part of this initiative.

#2 Stand-up pouch : a marketing advantage

Its front and back faces being completely customizable thanks to the materials used during the manufacturing process, the finished product itself becomes an attractive communication tool.

Indeed, the doypack ensures both communication and preservation of the product where it was necessary to have two elements in the past (protective wrapping + packaging).

Finally, its elongated shape also gives it better visibility on the shelves by reporting to other packaging.

At Laboratoire PYC, subcontractor of nutrition products and food supplements, the packaging is available in 5 basic colors; indeed, as a contract manufacturer, Laboratoire PYC adapts to the customer’s request.

#3 Stand-up pouch : a practical advantage

Some products are thus easier to consume than when they were sold in conventional packaging.

Laboratoire PYC stand-up pouches can be made from a variety of materials and sizes: 3 layers of plastic doypacks and brown kraft paper. Different packaging options ranging from a small pouch to the equivalent of a jar of 3kg.

“This approach aims to meet the demand that differs according to our customers; moreover, Laboratoire PYC doypacks are fully customizable”, Jennifer Perrin, Packaging Manager for Laboratoire PYC.

“Laboratoire PYC can take very large orders but also smaller orders always with the aim of adapting to the needs of our customers”, Jennifer Perrin.

Finally, in a desire to meet the demand of its customers, all references of Laboratoire PYC will be progressively available in doypack format in the coming years. It is an opportunity for customers in the health, sport and weight-loss markets to widen and renew their range.

#4 Stand-up pouch : an advantage in preservation

In addition to saving space, the doypack is no less effective in preservation since the shelf life of products is the same as for conventional packaging.

Moreover, the doypack also preserves the flavors intact at the opening, but also during the reuse of the product.

Therefore the Superfruits / Superfoods range, food supplements and proteins sold in powder form will be available in doypack format.

The packaging guarantees a preservation of the flavors as well as the beneficial effects of the various active ingredients present in the products the longest time possible.

#5 Your brand with a custom stand-up pouch

The choice of Laboratoire PYC to package its products in stand-up pouch format allows offering a wide range of packaging size that ensures preservation of their references optimally as well as a marketing element which answers the need for diversification of its clients, all by reducing their ecological footprint during production.

With the investment in a stand-up pouch line, Laboratoire PYC offers a new possibility of packaging for its customers. This conditioning comes in addition to:

– sticks

– sachets

– jars

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