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Aurélie SIFFRE, French doctor of pharmacy

TOP 5 excellent reasons to use a slimming drainer

By Aurélie SIFFRE, Doctor of Pharmacy in France.

Like every year with the arrival of spring, it is high time to think about one’s summer figure: it is the moment to eliminate the few kilos accumulated during the winter (raclette being no stranger to this.). So, with a new pair of trainers and a new diet, THE slimming reflex before any other cure, must be a draining drink. Why? Here are 5 of the best reasons.

REASON #1 Drink to reduce water retention

Diluted in a large glass of water, the draining product encourages one to drink without of course replacing plain water. In fact, you should not wait to be thirsty before thinking about hydrating yourself: as water is essential to life, the body goes on “drought alert” if there is a deficiency, leading to the storage of the little water you have.

Consequently, drinking regularly throughout the day, about 1.5 litres a day, helps to limit water retention [1].

REASON #2 Eliminate excess water

Now that you’ve made the right resolution to hydrate, you can tackle the dimpled skin. The increase in the size of adipocytes (or fat cells) compresses the blood and lymphatic vessels, which are no longer able to eliminate water efficiently. The skin then takes on a bumpy or “orange peel” shape, mainly in women’s thighs and buttocks [2]. Diuretic herbs such as cherry stalk help to drain and improve the appearance of the skin.

The fast loss of a few very visible kilos is also encouraging and motivates you to continue your efforts.

REASON #3 Detoxify the body

Pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances accumulate in fatty tissue and the liver. This is the principle of bioaccumulation, which is reinforced in humans who are at the end of the food chain [3] [4].

Drainers are therefore very interesting at the beginning of weight loss to purify the body, the organs targeted being the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Several associated plants are often used in the formulas, including artichoke.

REASON #4 Fat burning effect

The stimulants traditionally used are those containing caffeine, such as green tea or guarana… Tea is a choice element for its richness in caffeine. Caffeine is a substance of the methylxanthine family, which helps to reduce appetite, slightly increases the basic metabolism, i.e. the body’s energy expenditure at rest, and stimulates urine production.

In addition, tea contains polyphenols: catechins, theaflavins, thearubigins etc. These substances are antioxidants that can protect the cells from chemical aggression.

REASON #5 A better digestion for a flat tummy

Soluble fibres help to stimulate intestinal transit gently, without irritation, to restore normal and regular transit. In addition, plants that reduce aerophagia, such as fennel extract, can often be found in draining products.

Besides, inulin, which can come from chicory roots for example, is a prebiotic substance composed of long chains of fructose, which feeds the probiotic bacteria and encourages their proliferation for better digestive function [5].

Finally, a slimming drainer can be used at the beginning of a diet, at each off-season, or on a more regular basis to fight against water retention of hormonal origin. But it should never be taken continuously, and it is important to note the presence of caffeine, especially for people suffering from disorders not compatible with caffeine intake and pregnant women, and to seek advice from a health professional to check for any possible drug interaction [6].

In my opinion, drainers are an excellent slimming ally, and an essential step in the weight loss marathon.

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