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Developing a food supplement range

Food supplements: a booming market.

The actual expansion of the food supplement market offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on a robust growth sector.

Healthy living and the various products associated with it has indeed surged throughout the last decade.  It is spurred by both aging populations and increased consumer awareness for preventative healthcare.

Today, the bulk of supplement-taking consumers no longer consist of athletes.

Sales of health-boosting vitamins, minerals, and nutritional and plant food supplements are now higher than ever and the market is growing every year.

Laboratoire PYC supports health food shops, health clubs, sport retailers, health practitioners and online retailers in the developing of their own range of food supplements.

Food supplements compliant to regulation

Laboratoire PYC regulation experts provide their advice during the development of your food supplements.

Food supplement regulation

In order to ensure a high level of consumer protection, Laboratoire PYC regulation experts watch out regulatory shifts closely and adjust accordingly. The new European regulation ensures that the market is safe and that all food supplements have adequate and appropriate labeling. Indeed, food supplements are strictly regulated, both at French and European level, by three cumulative stages of regulation:- texts relating to food: food hygiene, additives, contaminants (level), labeling, etc.- texts relating to food with claims: nutritional claims, health claims, labeling, etc.- texts specific to food supplements: definitions, composition, labeling, etc.  Since 2002, the Directive 2002/46 / EC clearly defines food supplements and lays down specific rules for these products. This directive has been transposed into French law by Decree No. 2006-352 of 20 March 2006 on food supplements.

Food supplement claims

Food supplements’claims fall under the scope of Regulation EC No 1924/2006, which defines claims and the different categories of claims (health claims, nutritional claims, etc.). It defines also the procedures to apply for sales authorization.

Food supplement labeling

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 also applies to food supplements and ensures that labeling is appropriate (highlighting allergens, minimum character size, ingredient list, net weight…).

Laboratoire PYC develops, produces and packages under your brand. Ensure your label is correct with our experts.

Food supplement notification

Member States authorities may, for monitoring purposes, request notification to manufacturers or the company placing the food supplement on the market in their territory.
In France, the Decree No.2006-352 of 20 March 2006 provides a mandatory notification on the food supplements put on sales. They must be declared to the French authority (DGCCRF).

Personalize your food supplement project: sourcing and packaging

Laboratoire PYC (France) within SOLINA group (Europe) ensures qualitative and varied ingredient are at your disposal (3000 ingredients).Ask Laboratoire PYC for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibres, various plants and plant extracts.

Varied plants for your food supplement range

They are mainly appreciated for their physiological properties (antioxidant activity, energy benefit …). The plants are used for example in the form of powder or in the form of dry extracts.

Vitamins : key actives in food supplements

Most vitamins are essential because they can not be synthesized by our body with the exception of vitamin D. They can therefore be provided by diet or by food supplements. Vitamins are full of benefits at specific dosage:  Vitamins B interfere in metabolic functions, vitamin C increases vitality and natural defenses (energy-yielding metabolism and immune system), vitamin A has a key for visual health, vitamin D for bone health etc.

Supplementing the diet with minerals

Magnesium, calcium, chromium, iron… Minerals interfere in biological functions and the regulation of our metabolism and therefore are our best allies for a healthy body! They can be consumed in the form of food supplements for targeted action (chromium for normal blood sugar level, magnesium against fatigue, zinc for healthy skin, calcium for normal bones) or in combination to create synergies. Ask our experts to develop your own food supplements using the ingredients you will define.

Choose the packaging that would be suitable for you.

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