Matcha tea : add it to your private label range. Know all about the rising trend of the ancestral healthy ingredient. 1024 576 admin-pyc

Matcha tea : add it to your private label range. Know all about the rising trend of the ancestral healthy ingredient.

Used during centuries for its antioxidant, revigorating and slimming virtues, matcha tea has become over the years the well-being partner in many homes.

Based on ancestral know-how still used today, Laboratoire PYC allows you to integrate this green powder recognized throughout the world into your range and offers you the opportunity to fully customize your packaging.

Matcha tea: the story behind the green powder

Contrary to a popular belief, matcha tea is not from Japan but from China and related to the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279). Indeed, this tea with multiple properties was exported in the empire of the rising sun only at the end of the 12th century by the initiative of a Chinese monk during a religious journey.

During the following centuries, this tea became de-popularized in Chinese culture and integrated Japanese culture.

Thus, the origin of this tea is often attributed to the Japanese people who consume it regularly in the various monasteries throughout the country, during the tea ritual, for its relaxing properties in particular.

On the other hand, only the Japanese nobility could have access to matcha tea because of the difficulty of the production process. It will be necessary to wait for the 18th century and a new production method (which is still used today) before seeing matcha tea open to the greatest number with the success it has today.

This peculiar green powder has always had a major role in Asian culture for example during long meditation sessions among Buddhist monks. Indeed, they appreciate the tranquility that comes with its consumption.

Also, the samurai used to consume it before going to war to find concentration during their fighting.

Matcha tea: from the harvest to your cup

The production method of matcha tea has remained the same for nearly 300 years, the peculiarity of this process lies in the fact that plants are deprived of sun in general 3 weeks before harvest. This technique forces the plants to draw the resources necessary for their survival directly in the ground which has the effect of increasing the chlorophyll content of each leaf. This is the same process that gives matcha tea its special green color.

Once the harvest is over, the leaves are picked and sorted to keep only the best (the ones that are most gorged with chlorophyll) to be subsequently crushed to get this green powder so appreciated by well-being lovers.

Its consumption is also completely different from conventional green tea; indeed, the crushed leaves are directly diluted, and the powder is not infused as in a traditional tea.

Matcha tea: ritual

The ritual of matcha tea preparation is inspired by Asian culture by the precision required by each movement and it usually takes about ten years for tea masters before mastering all aspects of its preparation perfectly.

In addition the use of suitable utensils is necessary:

– First, warm the bowl that contains the preparation with warm water to preheat it and then wipe with a cloth.

– Then with a spatula usually made of bamboo, pick up powder in order not to damage it and preserve all its properties.

– Once the powder is in the bowl, pour boiling water and mix it with a bamboo whip called “chasen” by describing a W to maintain all the virtues of the powder during mixing.

– Once fine bubbles appear on the surface of the tea, the mixture is ready to be consumed plain or with a little milk and honey.

The preparation of matcha tea is a full ritual

and it should not be neglected at the risk of tarnishing the flavor and virtues of green powder.

Matcha tea superfood: your well-being partner

The history of this tea as well as its anti-oxidant properties has led Laboratoire PYC to add Matcha tea to its Superfoods / Superfruits range. Indeed, Matcha green tea possesses antioxidant level 6.2 times that of goji berry and 17 times that of blueberries.

Coming directly from its country of origin namely China, Matcha tea from Laboratoire PYC will be the new daily partner for your well-being and your health.


Laboratoire PYC has studied the dose needed to bring a multitude of positive effects on your body:

Fat oxidation

“Natural green tea extract with EGCG helps to enhance metabolism/contributes to fat oxidation”


“Green tea helps to regulate LDL/HDL ratio and blood cholesterol levels”


“Green tea is a powerful antioxidant beneficial to human health / “due to antioxidant activity it helps to protect against early aging”


“Green tea is known to promote the renal elimination of water”


“Used for mental and physical fatigue / Helps to strengthen the body / Tonic effect / Makes you feel more energetic”

Weight- loss and weight-control

“Traditionally used to facilitate the weight loss in addition to dietetic measures / Helps to maintain the weight/ Stimulates the lipid degradation / Support of metabolism and fat oxidation”

Clean label

The product is without sweetener, coloring agent, preservative, flavour, extraction.

Do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to Superfoods and Superfruits to discover our range to consume daily.

Matcha tea : your private label with Laboratoire PYC

Expand your range by adding Laboratoire PYC clean label matcha tea. Thanks to its expertise in formulation and packing, Laboratoire PYC offers a multitude of possibilities for the final packaging of your product.

Indeed, you can choose between different kinds of packaging (stand-up pouch, metal box, sachet, stick, …) available in different sizes as well as personalize the product packaging (choice of different colors, printing of the company logo, …).

Laboratoire PYC works to make your product unique and recognizable at a glance.

Come and enjoy an experience of more than 30 years in the development of custom products for professionals.

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