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Interview, Laboratoire PYC

Laboratoire PYC has been successfully developing custom-made products for 40 years. Export, eco-responsibility, customer-branded packaging…Jennifer Perrin and Cédric Carrière have agreed to answer questions.
Jennifer is packaging manager and Cédric is supply chain manager. Both are based at Laboratoire PYC’s packaging site in Manziat (France). Discover the interview below

Jennifer, what is your job?

I follow all the projects to be industrialized; this includes the industrial feasibility of powder formulas, the choice and management of customer packaging. I make sure that all the projects on all our packaging lines are suitable: sticks, sachets, jars, stand-up pouches, cakes.

I manage packaging purchases, in relation with the SOLINA group.
It’s an interesting job; I’m in contact with all departments: supply, quality, production, maintenance, logistics and with R&D, sales and customers.

Cédric, what is your job?

I am responsible for the Supply Chain department, which includes the functions of procurement, planning, inventory management, logistics and transport. We process customer orders and make every effort in terms of human and material resources to deliver to customers within the agreed deadlines.
We are in contact with all the internal and external players of Laboratoire PYC, which makes our job very rewarding.

In your opinion, what are the assets of Laboratoire PYC to meet customer demands?

I joined Laboratoire PYC in 2011.

Since 2011, I have observed a great expertise in each department. The customer is at the heart of our priorities. The teams are reactive and flexible.

Each development (customer request), each packaging is considered and studied by our teams.

In my opinion, the strengths are responsiveness and a sense of customer service.

We always do our best to satisfy our customers.

All our teams are involved, and this is what makes Laboratoire PYC’s success.

Laboratoire PYC mainly targets export customers, what are the specificities?

Jennifer :
Because of the transport by ship, the type of cardboard and the type of pallets must be considered. The pallets must be heat treated. We have carried out full-scale tests to validate the quality of the cardboard during transport by ship.
The labelling is different: production date instead of expiry date, for example. The « Best before » marking is specific.

Cédric :
In terms of documentation, each country has specific demands/regulations and we must be constantly on the alert to ensure compliance of the documents.

Eco-responsibility: all companies are sensitized to it today. What steps are taken at Laboratoire PYC?

Jennifer :
In our packaging plant, waste sorting has been in place for many years.
To date, the quickest actions to implement have already been launched: changing the scotch tape for the cardboard boxes, ensuring single-material and recyclable lids, …
Not all countries are equal when it comes to environmental choices. We adapt to each customer. There are no European regulations to standardize rules of conduct on packaging, yet.

We source more and more eco-responsible packaging.

In France, we are in contact with no fewer than 10 suppliers on this specific subject.

A project is currently being launched, on the Manziat site, which will bring together people from each department to have a global vision.
Waste sorting has been in place for a long time and a supplier sourcing process has been launched.

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